2022 2nd International Conference on Digital Economy, Management and Education (CDEME 2022)
Prof. Dongzi Zheng



Prof. Dongzi Zheng

Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, China

Problems in the Development and Utilization of Leisure Space in China in Recent Years

In recent years, China's leisure industry has developed in an all-round way, and space resources have been deeply developed and utilized. There are some prominent problems, which partially interfere with the internal operation of the environmental system and bring irreversible negative changes to the natural origin of some environmental spaces. This reflects that in the process of people's deep development of environmental space, there is the postposition of scientific research and cognition. This report will discuss the development of ecological leisure space, reproduction of special leisure space, creation of theme leisure space, etc. It includes four parts: boundary problem in the development of ecological leisure space, reproduction problem of special leisure space, creation problem of theme leisure space, thinking and enlightenment.


Shanghai University of International Business and Economics. Special editor of the Journal of Leisure and Recreation Research(special issue, Taiwan). Research fields include the leisure and Tourism Scenic Area Management. Main results include: <Society grows with leisure--Natural-cultural structure of leisure>(2017); <Leisure culture and space--Cultural principle and geographical explanation of leisure >(2020);< The concept of region >(1997, 2010). They have been effectively used as key reading materials in postgraduate training programs by many universities. I have won a number of provincial and ministerial awards such as one, two, three, etc.